The aim of orthodontics

* the creation of beautiful, ideal, regular dentures
* correction of the bite disorder
* the elimination of speech defects
* elimination of psychological effects
* ensuring normal development of the remaining teeth weaning from bad habits (sucking, sucking fingers, etc.)
* prevention of secondary diseases
Orthodontic treatment can be performed from infancy (2-6 years) to adulthood (35 years), unless there are contraindications. It is important to start treatment at an optimal age and preferably not for too long.
For certain disorders, it is very important to have a so-called. early orthodontic treatment, which is carried out with removable orthodontic appliances while the baby teeth are still in the milk teeth. These can be plastic plates to which various auxiliary elements can be attached, these devices are made in a dental laboratory after taking a sample, or they can be prefabricated plastic devices that the dentist can hand over to the patient immediately, if necessary individually adapted to the mouth.
In later life, the remaining dentition stage is called. controlled by fixed (glued) devices.
They consist of brackets glued to the teeth, the tubes or tubes glued to the six or seven teeth and the arch, which is attached to each tooth, bracket.
Brackets can be made of metal, and also of less conspicuous tooth-coloured porcelain or plastic.
A group of devices are extra-oral devices that are used alone or in combination with other devices.
For fixed (glued) devices the treatment period is usually one year, while for removable devices it can be several years.
A novelty is the so-called invisible orthodontic treatment, by which we mean treatment with transparent plastic splints. The patient wears these splints day and night, and they are changed every 2 weeks. Usually, 8-10 splints are needed for treatment, which takes only 16-20 weeks. This method is only suitable for correcting certain types of small discrepancies!

Trainer braces

Trainer family

Prefabricated plastic, CAD-designed appliances that the dentist can hand over to the patient immediately after fitting in the mouth. It can help to eliminate certain abnormal muscle functions and bad habits (finger sucking, sucking, lip and cheek sucking, mouth breathing), and thus ensure ideal facial and dental development in these children.

Applicable to:
– preventive early orthodontic treatment ( from the age of 5 ) to break bad habits and prevent more serious malocclusions later on
– correct small deviations later in life and in adulthood

Teeth whitening with LED lights

Teeth whitening with LED lights

Led lamp teeth whitening that takes just 3X15=45 minutes and is painless! The procedure is carried out with either 6 % hydrogen peroxide or Na-percarbonate in one session for 45…