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Teeth whitening with LED lights

Led lamp teeth whitening that takes just 3X15=45 minutes and is painless!

The procedure is carried out with either 6 % hydrogen peroxide or Na-percarbonate in one session for 45 minutes. These materials are applied to the teeth three times and illuminated with an LED lamp, which does not heat up and thus helps to prevent the bleaching from causing tooth sensitivity!

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Tooth replacement without grinding

The dental uses of ribbond tape are manifold. An outstanding area of use is that it is suitable for replacing a tooth without grinding in the anterior and premolar region. In this case, the dentist forms the missing tooth from an aesthetic filling material on a ribbon of ribbon bonded to the missing tooth. A

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Pain relief

We have the possibility of painless anaesthesia using a new device. The solution is administered by a micro-thin needle using a pump system that dispenses very slowly.

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For grinding teeth, head-neck-back pain, migraine, a special miniature bite lift is the so-called “bite lift”. We recommend NTI, for clenchers we prefer the traditional full bite levers with deep-drawn technique, usually made for the lower arch.

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Trainer braces

Trainer family Prefabricated plastic, CAD-designed appliances that the dentist can hand over to the patient immediately after fitting in the mouth. It can help to eliminate certain abnormal muscle functions and bad habits (finger sucking, sucking, lip and cheek sucking, mouth breathing), and thus ensure ideal facial and dental development in these children. Applicable to:–

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Invisible orthodontics

Invisible orthodontics is a revolutionary new transparent splinting technique where the patient has to wear so-called aligners, or splints, for 20-24 hours. On average, the patient receives the new splints from their doctor every 2 weeks. The number of rails depends on the complexity of the treatment. The aligner technique is fast and invisible! The

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