Crowns, bridges

If a tooth is largely destroyed, i.e. the crown cannot be rebuilt in any other stable way, or if the tooth is root canal treated, we will make a tooth replacement, a crown. If there is a shortage of teeth, then the so-called “tooth gap”. bridge replacements are made for the pillar teeth. Un. inlay bridges can also be made if the bordering teeth are intact or only slightly decayed. In this case, you only need to drill out one cavity from the pillar teeth, which is sufficient for filling the tooth, and you don’t need to grind the whole tooth. These bridges are mostly only made to replace premolar teeth.

For these restorations, we offer beautiful aesthetic porcelain restorations in clear ceramic or porcelain fired on metal or precious metal. Today there is a beautiful aesthetic tooth-coloured substitute for metal. zirconium material, which also offers the possibility of metal-free restorations for the back teeth. Excellent for use in case of metal allergy.

Of course, if you have a tooth shortage, you can also have a tooth replacement implanted, where the tooth is replaced by a screw implanted in the bone called a “tooth graft”. an implant is used as a substitute and a crown or bridge is made on it. This is a good solution if only one tooth is missing and the adjacent teeth are intact, or if there is an end-of-row gap.
Teeth whitening with LED lights

Teeth whitening with LED lights

Led lamp teeth whitening that takes just 3X15=45 minutes and is painless! The procedure is carried out with either 6 % hydrogen peroxide or Na-percarbonate in one session for 45…