Our dental services

We cover almost all areas of dentistry

Teeth whitening

Everyone wants beautiful white teeth! This is possible in our practice.

Crowns, bridges

If the crown part of the tooth cannot be built up in a stable way, a crown is made.


Dentures can be an ornament to a beautiful aesthetic set of teeth. It is mostly a tiny polished stone.

Porcelain shells

The shape, size, colour or gap between our incisors can now be changed.

Laser treatments

In our practice we use a dental laser called a soft laser.

Root canal treatment

In addition to the traditional root canal treatment, we also use a new (electrochemical) process.

Aesthetic fillings

Teeth are filled with materials made using the tooth-coloured light-polymerisation technique.

Dentistry for children

Our most important task is to avoid fear of the dentist and to prevent it!


The dentures are removable prostheses. The denture can be complete or partial.

Live replacement

It is possible to break off up to half of the crown of the tooth. There is already an aesthetic solution.

Oral hygiene treatments

Good oral hygiene is a prerequisite for correct dental work. E.g. dental plaque removal.


Its aim is to ensure the normal development of the teeth, in addition to a beautiful, regular set of teeth.

Dental professional information, new services

Curious about the latest dental treatments? Want to know where orthodontics is now? Want painless dental treatment? Have you ever heard that it is possible to replace a tooth without grinding the teeth next to it?