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Our prices

We cover almost all areas of dentistry

first examination: status recording, preparation of a treatment plan 10.000
OP, teleradiography evaluation, specialised examination: diagnosis, treatment plan, study impressions 15000+10000
periapical X-ray 3000
consultation, child habituation 5.000
Preventive treatments
oral hygiene education: teaching how to brush teeth, how to use tooth-cleaning tools 10.000
depuration, polishing: full mouth 20.000-25.000
depuration , polishing: on a jawbone 9.000-11000
local fluoride brushing 5.000
Iontophoresis fluoride treatment 5.000
groove closure in deciduous tooth 5.000
groove closure in remaining tooth 7.000
extended groove closure in remaining tooth 9.000
Conservation treatments
aesthetic filling with light-blocking filling material: in milk tooth 10.000
aesthetic filling with light-blocking filling material: in remaining tooth on 1 surface 25.000
aesthetic filling with light-blocking filling material: in remaining tooth on 2 surfaces 28.000
aesthetic filling with light-blocking filling material: in the remaining tooth on 3 or more surfaces 25.000-30.000
edge restoration with light-blocking sealant in the remaining tooth 30.000-35.000
direct shell, indirect shell 30000-40000
cervical filling with light blocking material in the remaining tooth 15.000
temporary filling 5.000-15000
root canal treatment (front seat): 1 channel, needle set for mechanical treatment 15000, 10000
root canal (front seat): 2 channels 20.000
root canal treatment (first session): 3 and additional canals 25.000
Root canal treatment (second and subsequent sessions): medication root canal + temporary filling 5.000-10000
root filling: 1 channel 15.000
root filling: 2 channels 20.000
root filling: 3 and additional channels 25.000
dressing and treatment of a broken incisor (deciduous tooth) 10.000
root canal treatment of deciduous teeth (first session) 10.000
cleaning and rinsing of milk tooth after root canal treatment 5.000
deciduous tooth root filling 10.000
artificial apexificatio 20.000
artificial apexificatio, further treatment 5000
grinding of milk teeth 5.000
denture 10.000
teeth whitening (with home splint system): both jaws 70.000
teeth whitening practices 50.000
whitening for one tooth: external bleaching, endo-whitening 10.000
Dental prosthetics
artificial stump with tap 20.000
fibreglass tap 20.000
stub construction with sealant 20.000
removal of the crown 5.000
bridge removal (per pier) 5.000
temporary crown (made in the surgery) 4.000
temporary crown (made by a dental technician) 8.000
metal-ceramic crown 50.000
full ceramic crown 60.000
zircon crown 70.000
Richmond crown 50.000
metal plate replacement anchored with a grip 160.000
metal plate replacement anchored with slider 200.000
full plate denture: lower+upper 300000
full denture with plates: lower or upper 150.000
telescopic dentures 160.000
+ per telescope 40.000
flexible dentures (Valplast) 160.000
denture underlining 15.000
denture repair 18.000
shell ceramics 46.000
GRADIA inlay/onlay 46.000
GRADIA fibreglass reinforced bridge member 50.000
railing with fibreglass RIBBOND tape (per tooth) 4.000
bite lift rail 25.000
NTI-tss bite lift rail 50.000
Oral surgery
simple pull 15.000
a tricky trick 20.000-25000
milk tooth extraction 4.000-7000
incisio 5.000
splinting of teeth when moving out (in case of an accident) 7.000
replantation + splinting 28.000
gum treatment, brushing, insertion of Chlumsky gum strip 5.000
periodontal treatments, pocket treatment occasionally 5.000
occasional laser mucosal treatment 4.000
removable device: smooth plate 40.000
removable device: retention plate 30.000
removable device: expanding screw plate 60000
removable device: bimaxillary device 70.000
fixed device on an arch (metal) 170.000
fixed device on an arch (porcelain) 200.000
self-lighter 220.000-250.000
for a dental arch (removable device) as a control test 5.000-7000
as a control test on a dental arch (fixed device) 5000-10000
medical rubber (atvar plate), inclined plane 25.000
transpalatinal arch 15.000
lingual arch, BWS 35.000
Quad helix, Hyrax device 45.000-50.000
sanding 7.000
myofunctionalis trainer device 50.000
Myolay 25.000

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