Dentistry for children

The most important thing is to avoid fear of the dentist and to prevent it!

This is what our clinic offers, where well-trained professionals work with children!

Our dental treatments for children:

Getting used to the dentist

We think it is important that children go to the dentist for the first time in their lives with an acute toothache!Unfortunately, in such cases, they may have a bad experience because of pain and stress, even if the treatment itself is not painful.We would like to avoid this and provide an opportunity to familiarise the patient with the dental surgery and the instruments and machines, so that when the little patient comes for treatment or check-up, he or she is not afraid. This can affect their dental treatment for the rest of their lives.

Teaching good dental care

Unfortunately, we often find that children do not know how to brush their teeth properly! This is where we can help you professionally, teaching you how to care for your teeth properly.

Injection of fluoride into the tooth enamel

Injecting fluoride into the tooth enamel, which strengthens it and protects it from decay.Two treatment methods are used for this purpose:

1. iontophoresis treatment twice every six months. In this case, fluoride diffuses more easily into the tooth tissue through iontophoresis. This treatment is usually recommended from 6-7 years of age.
2. fluoride varnish application every month. This treatment is recommended even for very young children to stop decay of milk teeth. In particular, the front teeth are the so-called “front teeth”. is recommended for the treatment of circular caries, when the caries grows around the tooth and is practically unsealable.

-Groove sealing is the sealing of grooves in the teeth with a light-binding material that prevents the development of decay from deep within the grooves. Can be used in both milk and residual grinding and premolar teeth.

– Tracking tooth changes, early orthodontic treatment, helping to break bad habits (finger sucking, sucking) (see orthodontics)

-Conservative, tooth-preserving treatments: filling of deciduous teeth with tooth-coloured aesthetic material – root canal treatment and root filling of deciduous teeth, if necessary

-Care of teeth damaged by an accident -Recovery and splinting of a broken tooth.

Teeth whitening with LED lights

Teeth whitening with LED lights

Led lamp teeth whitening that takes just 3X15=45 minutes and is painless! The procedure is carried out with either 6 % hydrogen peroxide or Na-percarbonate in one session for 45…