Pediatric dentistry – information for parents

Do you need to fill the milk teeth?

Yes, and preferably as long as the caries is not too large. On the one hand, because a little destruction does not necessarily mean pain. On the other hand, if the caries affects a large part of the tooth, the deciduous tooth will probably need root canal treatment and only then can it be restored with a filling.

At what age should you take your child for their first dental check-up?

At about three years old. Of course, you should only wait until this age if the child is free of complaints and the teeth are intact. Otherwise, sooner. Why so early? So that you don’t meet the dentist for the first time in your life when you need treatment.

What can parents do to keep their child’s teeth healthy?

Feed your child healthily! Eat plenty of chewy vegetables and fruit and have few sweets and sugary drinks! If you do give your child sweets, do it after main meals rather than between meals, and always brush your child’s teeth afterwards. Get your child into the habit of brushing his or her teeth after every meal. If you can’t do this, give your child a sugar-free chewing gum after a meal.

Take your child for a dental check-up every six months, even if there are no complaints! Ask your dentist what preventive methods he or she can recommend and whether your child needs orthodontics or other paediatric dental treatment.