Is it possible to use braces over 18?
Yes! Its a proven fact, that you can have the same results when you are an adult, but the process is radically longer. It is recommended to finish wearing braces untill the age 35.

What is a fixed orthodontic brace?

It means that the device is bonded to the teeth,and only the doctor can remove it at the end of the treatment. The device consists of the fixes (from brackets)tubes or rings bonded to the six, seven teeththe arc connecting theseelements and other additives. This type of deviceto the remained permanent teeth.

What is the night removable device?
It is an (acrylic) sheet with other additional elements made regarding the plastic impressiontaken by the dentist of the patient‘s mouth. A very wide range of plates exist in accordance to the disroders. The device may have one or more colors chosen by the patient, also decorated with a sticker,  which is usually a great joy to the little ones. Wearing time is usually several years.

Prefabricated plastic deviceswhich after the right adaptation by the doctor can remain in the mouth of the patient.

When to start orthodontic treatment?

Usually, as soon as possibledepending on the disorderoftenwith the milk teeth stage isadvisable to begin orthodontic treatment.  The optimal is when it is the mixed dentition period.If you take your child to the dentist, always ask the doctor, if she sees necessary the orthodontic specialist examination. If your child has a bad habit for example, thumb sucking,pacifying, pencil chewing, you should definitely take your child to a specialist! 


Of early orthodontic treatment can prevent worsening of the disorder and can shorten thetreatment time!